Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A baby boy has been born...
         Today's post is a special one because my sister finally had her baby boy, Everett Joseph yesterday morning. Here are some pictures of my outfit plus hospital pictures!!! (Ahh) FYI, i was half asleep taking this pictures..(Monday mornings.. SUCK!)  When I woke up I had no idea my sister was at the hospital, in LABOR! No soon the 15 minutes into work I get a call from my family to get to the hospital because she already 8cm dilated. I was so shocked and excited!! I left work and ran to the hospital. The delivery was a complete success, she pushed for an hour and then he was here. Everett was born at 10:53 a.m, weighing 8 pounds 3 ounces. I couldn't be any happier for my beautiful sister and wonderful brother in law... I love you guys soo muchh!!! Welcome BABY E!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here he isss!!!!!!!!!!

                                                             My sister and her new born<3 Love at first sight..

                                                            The godparents!!! My older brother (Chris) and I are so happy to be godparents to our nephew Everett<333