Tuesday, April 23, 2013

 Outfit Details:
Dress (Express)
Vest (Bar III- Macys)
Necklace (Forever21)
Bracelets (Michael Kors)
 So here's a quick story for y'all...
  Today I was very excited about this outfit because I bought this dress last season from Express. When I purchased this dress I bought it a size smaller then I normally worn at the time.  Throughout the summer I was exercising and dieting. So there were days that I tried this dress on and as fast as I got it on I took it off, I shoved it back into my closet and didnt want to even look at it..FINALLY!! After working my butt off, this season I tried it on and I was soo excited beacuse it finally fit. 
This is a simple springy dress so I had to jazz it up!!! By pairing this stripped number with a vest and a statement necklace, it really makes this spring look less simple and more funn!!!
Have a happy Wednesdayyy..